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Twins: CCHS Pairs Seeing Double

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Two is, in fact, company — just ask any twin here at Chamblee Charter High School.

Twins have an unusual bond. There are two types of twins: identical twins and fraternal twins. Identical twins typically look much more similar than fraternal twins, and identical twins can only be of one sex, while with fraternal twins, one can be male and the other female. Having a twin, whether identical or fraternal, is something unique. Many of the twins at Chamblee Charter High School have compared it to having a best friend, as is the case with sophomore Sahara Hetherington, twin sister of India.

“It’s like having your best friend with you all the time,” said Sahara. “Having a twin is having someone who’s always there for you.”

Sahara is of the opinion that having a twin is different than having a regular sibling, due to the lack of an age gap.

“You’re going through everything together because you’re the same age,” said Sahara. “You’re in the same school and grade. You also have most of your classes together.”

Her opinions are shared with her twin, sophomore India Hetherington.

“It’s like having a best friend 24/7,” said India. “One benefit is that, if one of us is sick, the other can pick up our homework.”

India, much like her twin sister, does believe having a twin is different than a regular sibling, but for different reasons.

“You’re much closer than normal siblings, I think. We’re really close, and know each other very well,” said India. “Having a twin is kind of like having a ‘double-you,’ except you’re not the same person.”

Sahara agrees that having a twin is “pretty great,” although there are cons.

“You see each other all the time. Your twin is always there but sometimes you just need a break from that one person for a bit,” said Sahara. “And at times having a twin is annoying, but you’re never going into anything alone.”

Sophomore Katie Kang, twin sister of Candace, agrees with the Hetherington twins on the disadvantages of having a twin, but elaborates on what else bothers her.

“Everyone thinks I’m Candace,” said Katie. “Even after I’ve told them, they still think I’m Candace.”

Katie and Candace are identical twins, but one way to differentiate them is the birthmark on Candace’s face — or the fact that Katie has Prada glasses and Candace has Coach glasses. Both Katie and Candace find that the way other people treat them is linked too closely to their aesthetic similarities.

“When people see us for the first time together they always say, ‘I thought you were the same person!’,” said Candace. “Or, ‘I thought I was seeing double!’ They always say that and freak out a little bit, which is kind of annoying.”

Katie is of the opinion that people’s fascination with their ages is a mild nuisance, but is also amusing.

“People always ask who’s older, but we don’t really know who’s older. On our birth certificates, the same time is listed, so no one is older,” said Katie. “When people ask that, I say, ‘Oh, I’m older,’ and then they say, ‘Yeah, you’re definitely the older one. I can tell. You look older.’ It’s funny.”

Unlike the Hetherington twins, and her twin sister, Candace has a rather philosophical definition of what being a twin is.

“It makes you unique, but it makes it harder for you to be different,” said Candace. “People always think we’re the same person. But if you talk to us, it’s pretty clear who’s who, and that we’re different people with different personalities.”

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