An Open Letter to the Slow Walkers

Angela Witherby, Staff writer

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Imagine  you are on your way to a college interview, where being even a minute late can ruin your image, and you are already running late. You get on the freeway and you are relieved to to see that there is not much traffic, despite the many cars on the road. You drive without interference for about one minute before the car in front of you suddenly starts going 55 miles per hour. You look at the speed limit because you are concerned that you might have been speeding, and realize that the speed limit is 70 and the person in front of you is on the phone. They are holding up traffic to talk to their old college friend and now you are late for the college of your dreams.

Dear students that take their sweet time in the halls of Chamblee Charter High School, I am begging you, walk faster.  I am not asking you to speed walk, jog, or even run to class. I am simply asking that you walk a millisecond faster than your usual pace in the halls.

Maybe you just got a text at the end of second period that you desperately need to answer, the side of the hall is calling your name. Or maybe, there is an old friend that you truly feel the need to hug over the railing of the third floor stairwell, I say settle on a fist bump and call it a day.

I think we can all agree that having only five minutes to travel across the Chamblee campus is not a lot of time, especially when coming from the fine arts building. But it would sure be a lot easier if the slow walkers and loiterers moved out of the way of people actually trying to get to class on time. I can barely make it to some of my classes, and god forbid I have to pee.

I understand that sometimes you are not always aware of how slow you are walking, even I have been guilty of this before, but if there is a gap on people in front of you and a crowd behind of you, chances are you are guilty of being a slow poke.

I hope that now some of the unconsciously slow walkers realize what they are doing. But mostly I hope that the known offenders, the ones that do it on purpose, know just how aggravating it really is.

Do not be that person on the freeway that makes someone miss the interview of a lifetime. Do not be that person that holds up the entire stairwell to hug your girlfriend. And please, do not be that person that walks down the hall or up the stairs while simultaneously attempting to text. That is not safe for you, or the people around you for that matter.

Finally I ask one simple thing, either walk a little faster, or get out of the way.