Thanks, High School

Jordan Jones, Editor

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As the year comes to a close, it is time for me to reflect on my four lengthy years of high school.

During my freshman year I lived overseas in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. So unlike most people, that year was actually the best of my high school career. I met a ton of amazing people and got experience a culture that not everyone knows much about. Most people just think of Dubai as a rich, fancy place covered in beaches and nice cars. But really, it’s way more than that. It is a place where you get to learn how to make rabbit curry, a place where you experience sandstorms rather than thunderstorms and a place where I got to live the best year of my life.

My sophomore year on the other hand, was not so glamorous. That was my first year here, at Chamblee Charter High School. As many people know, Chamblee is a magnet school so most of the students who go here have actually been around each other since middle school. To some that could be really nice but to me it was terrible. When I got here, I did not know anyone and everyone already had their group of friends. My only saving grace was this class, Journalism, and the varsity soccer team. These two places became my safe haven, they were the only places where I actually talked to people and felt like I had friends. So, thank you Journalism and thank you soccer team for all that you have done.

Next up is my junior year.That year is really a blur now that I think about it. I met some of my closest friends are really started to feel welcomed into the Chamblee community. Other than that it was filled with stress because I knew that those were the grades that were going to get me either accepted or rejected to the college of my choosing. All in all, I made it through and also made some really drastic changes to my life throughout.

Now, I’m here, sitting in journalism class writing my last article. Senior year has been filled with some of the most rewarding, eye-opening and scariest times of my life. I have spent countless amounts of money on things from college applications to chocolate chip waffles from Waffle House. I have cried and laughed probably more times than I can remember. But overall, it has really made a difference. I learned the importance of time and money management. And I also learned that not everyone or everything is as simple as they seem. Life is pretty complicated and senior year is a great way to prepare for it.

Sitting in this chair I can only reminisce of my time in high school. It has truly been a life altering journey. So if you’re reading this as a student, just know that you can do it. High school isn’t forever so enjoy it while it last.

My next journey will begin in the fall where I will be attending Howard University. The school that I believe will only push me to become a greater me.

So, thank you high school for everything that you have done and for teaching me how to handle both failure and success, the one lesson that everyone needs to learn in life.