AP Hall Here to Patrol the Halls (New APs Part 1)


Matthew Welsh, Staff writer

Among the new faces of Chamblee Charter High School’s assistant principal team is Miami native Milton Hall. Although originally from Florida, Hall is no stranger to to the Atlanta area, having graduated from Clark Atlanta University and served for several DeKalb schools.

Hall’s administrative ambitions have landed him in all three levels of education in Dekalb, from Dresden Elementary, to Sequoyah Middle School, and now his current home: Chamblee. Not initially drawn to education, he readily reflects on his life as a young professional, where he underwent several particularly transformative experiences and began his journey to Chamblee.

“While going to Clark Atlanta, I started to understand who I was, and was able to grow from that foundation. Clark Atlanta University gave me an opportunity to learn more about my own culture and my own background and truly inspired me to work with others,” said Hall.

Tackling a first year at any new job can be difficult, especially when the well-being of hundreds of students is on the line, but Hall, a seasoned veteran in education, views this experience as an opportunity to shine.

“I’m hoping that the experiences that I bring to the table will be a great fit for Chamblee Charter. The one thing that I really pride myself on is my quick ability to learn and pick up new things. Also my character in itself allows me to converse, talk, and mingle with people from all different walks of life. I’m a people person, so naturally people seem to like coming to me, talking to me, and getting things resolved through me,” said Hall.

Outside of Chamblee, Hall is an avid sports fan, with ties to some of his former high schools and colleges, and loves to show support for his teams. His fascination for sports is almost as evident as his well-manicured people skills.

“I’m a true football fan. I like the Cowboys and the Falcons, but when it comes to college I’m no other than Roll Tide,” said Hall, gesturing to the Alabama lanyard dangling from his door. “That’s my team.”

In light of the administrative shake-up enacted here at Chamblee, Hall feels that he brings along a valuable skill: the ability to view issues from multiple perspectives.

“When I speak to parents that may have some concerns, I let them know that I am a parent before I am an educator. I have a son who is now 30 and I went through some of the things that parents are going through now, so I totally understand and relate. This is why I make sure that I bend over backwards to give students the support that they need,” said Hall.