2018 ‘Gold Out’ to Raise Awareness for Childhood Cancer


Ashley Veazey, Photo Editor

On August 31,  North Dekalb Stadium will host the age-old rival football game between Chamblee and Dunwoody High School.

Although only one team will emerge victorious under the “Friday Night Lights,” Bulldogs and Wildcats alike can chip in on Chip’s Nation, a foundation that raises money to fight childhood cancer. When students buy the ten dollar gold t-shirt, 100% of their proceeds will be donated to the cause.

“Chip Madren is affiliated with Dunwoody High School,” said math teacher Mallory Clark. “To raise money for his foundation, Dunwoody usually asks for us to sell the shirts together when we play them and then the profits go to Chip’s Nation.”

Olivia Bennett, a senior at Dunwoody and one of the organizers of the fundraiser, explains Madren’s story and his history with her school.

“Chip Madren was diagnosed at age 13 with stage IV anaplastic metastatic medulloblastoma (brain cancer),” said Bennett. “He is currently 21 years old and lives at home with his two teenage brothers, his parents, and his service dog Vera. His younger brother, Jack Madren, is dating Jenna Hogan, who graduated from Dunwoody High School in 2017.”

Bennett further describes how Dunwoody’s community shows its support for Chip’s Nation.

“Jenna worked diligently to introduce the cause to the students of Dunwoody High School,” she said. “Me, as well as other students, are members of Chip’s Nation. We work to raise money for the foundation, and they give back to other foundations that helped Chip throughout his journey of battling cancer– such as Canine Assistants, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, The Outdoor Dream Foundation, and Cure Childhood Cancer.

The collective sales goal for Chamblee and Dunwoody is upwards of 1000 t-shirts.

We are making them available to purchase during all lunches, as well as our community pep rally on Thursday night,” said Bennett. “We hope to raise as much money as possible to help cure childhood cancer!”

At Chamblee, students can also buy their shirts in the cafeteria, or after school near the Bulldog Plaza.

For further information about the cause and how to donate separately, Bennett recommends the foundation’s website.

“If you would like to make a separate donation to Chip’s Nation Pediatric Cancer Foundation, you can go onto chipsnation.org,” said Bennett. “There you can contribute to finding a cure or read more about Chip’s battle through cancer.”