CCHS Welcomes a Tiger


Adena Perez, Staff writer

Sydney Russler is a new math teacher at Chamblee Charter High School this year. Russler just moved to Atlanta from Alabama and, so far, she really likes it.

“Atlanta is great,” said Russler. “There is so much to do.”

Russler moved to Atlanta because her husband is a counter [accountant] in the city, and she has enjoyed it greatly thus far. Not only does she love Atlanta, but she also loves Chamblee. Before coming here, she interviewed around Atlanta, but decided to take a job at Chamblee.

“Chamblee is just known for being one the best schools, so when I got a offer from Chamblee, I was like, yes!” said Russler.

Russler was an Auburn University Tiger for her undergraduate studies. Even though Russler went to school for engineering, she changed her mind after college and became a teacher.

“I went to school for engineering and I didn’t like it,” said Russler. “I knew I didn’t want to sit in a office all day. I wanted something more hands on where I got to be creative and talk to people.”  

This year, Russler has a lot of resources from her college years, who she still is connected to in a Groupme which they share.

“Auburn University was so helpful,” said Russler. “I would not be a good teacher if I hadn’t been from there.”

Since Russler has been here, she has been touched by the way other teachers, specifically math teacher Kelley Dorill, have helped her out.

“I also like Chamblee because of the other teachers. They are amazing and supportive. The students are also just wonderful,” said Russler.

Russler spends her free time reading and playing with her two dogs, which she really loves.

“I like to read a lot, which is kind of weird because I am a math teacher,” said Russler.

Russler is also very concerned with equity in education, which is making sure that every student has the opportunity to succeed.

“If a kid needs guided notes, they have the guided notes, and if this other kid just needs to go practice and talk to other kids to understand, they have that [opportunity] to succeed, no matter where they are coming from, to me,” said Russler.