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Music Midtown: The Can’t Miss Event of September

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Music Midtown: The Can’t Miss Event of September

Stella Garrett

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From the numerous advertisements all over Atlanta to the hundreds of Instagram posts all about it, it has been almost impossible to not know about Music Midtown. From September 15 to 16, a diverse group of artists from Post Malone to Janelle Monáe performed on the festival’s four stages. The festival is a popular chance for teenagers and adults alike to get dressed up in funky clothes, dance with friends and enjoy the music.

The students of Chamblee Charter High School, like most of Atlanta, were excited to make their way to Music Midtown this past weekend. 

Included in this group was a first-time Music Midtown attendee and a senior here at CCHS, Brian Hazelwood.

“It was definitely a unique experience. I’d never been to anything quite like it in terms of the atmosphere and overall vibe,” said Hazelwood.

In contrast, some people are repeat attendees and don’t predict themselves missing a year anywhere in the foreseeable future. Sophomore Brooke George, a lover of music, is one of these people.

“I love Music Midtown because it’s one of the few places where everyone is in the same place for the same reasons. At a set, you can look around and see that everyone is there out of love for that artist, and that is a really cool way to unite people into a community. I have always had a love for music and to be surrounded by people who have the same love is a pretty special thing,” said George. “Every year, there are new and different artists and that gives me even more reason to learn and hear new music.”

While the general consensus seems to be in favor of partaking in the festival, some people opted out, whether because of the hefty price, the undesirable setlist, or because their parents didn’t let them go.

“Last year I decided that I would pay the $150 to go to Music Midtown because I loved the lineup, but this year, when I saw the lineup, it wasn’t worth $150 for me,” said junior Sahara Hetherington.

Even though Music Midtown is all about the music, some students found the social aspect to be more appealing. In addition to enjoying the music, these festival partakers enjoyed time with friends and time spent partying.

“[There was] great music, great people and [it was] just an overall awesome experience,” said Hazelwood.

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Stella Garrett, Staff writer

Stella Garrett is a sophomore and staff writer. Outside of journalism, she likes thrifting, taking naps, and listening to music. This is her first year on the staff.

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