Executive Coach Terese Allen Leaves Chamblee After Three Months


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Foster Cowan, Editor

In July, it was announced that Chamblee Charter High School would be receiving two executive coaches, Robert Williams and Terese Allen. Their purpose was to help the school administration as well as parents and students and help the school year start off smoothly.

Then, in late September, it was announced that Allen would be leaving Chamblee after three months of assistance.

“It is Dr. Green’s ultimate decision,” said Allen. “Originally, he sent both Mr. Williams and I here to help get the school year off and running, so we were working July, August, and September. At that point Dr. Green made the decision that now that the school year is open and everything is running, that he would downsize the report to just one person.”

When they were hired, Williams and Allen knew they might not be needed the whole year, and since Allen is retired, she is free to help out within DeKalb County Schools when she is needed.

“I do this as needed. If the district calls and needs someone to help, I’m available to do that. For now, I’ll go back to being retired and if they need me, I’ll be glad to help at any school,” said Allen.

During her brief time as an executive coach at CCHS, Allen felt as though many of the things she set out to accomplish were done.

“I feel like I was able to help get some of the concerns that were brought up addressed, for instance getting the website up and running, to help better the communication,” she said. “I have also been a liaison to help students, teachers, and parents have a place to vent and voice their opinions and work with groups or individuals as they come in and try to answer their questions and address the concerns they have. Mr. Williams will continue to stay here as long as needed. Ultimately, again, as superintendent, it’s ultimately up to Mr. Green to decide.”

Although she did not stay very long, Allen enjoyed being able to return to Chamblee for the time she did.

“I love Chamblee. It felt like being home again, when I was an assistant principal here years ago. I enjoyed my time here and the community, and to me it hasn’t changed a lot,” said Allen. “It’s a great place to be, it’s a great place to work, it’s a great place for students to go to school. There’s a lot of community support and I’ve always cherished that.”