Seniors Dominate in Powderpuff Games


Ellie Furr, Staff writer

Powderpuff football and volleyball garnered the excitement of juniors and seniors this week, as both the boys’ and girls’ teams competed on Tuesday.

The two games kicked off the week’s homecoming festivities, with the boys’ volleyball game beginning at 4 p.m.. Like last year, the seniors were victorious, winning two out of three sets.

The first set went to the seniors, who beat the juniors by a considerable margin: 25-16. The teams were more evenly matched in the second set; regardless, the seniors still prevailed 25-21.

Despite their loss, junior coach Becca Evans was extremely proud of the 11th grade boys.

“They improved so much, even with only three practices and not knowing anything about [volleyball] before playing,” said Evans.

She was also impressed with the enthusiasm she saw from the juniors.

“They were actually interested in learning how to play and they were just really fun to be around,” said Evans. 

The event was bittersweet for the seniors, however.

“I was so happy to be a senior and win, but at the same time, a part of me realized that this would be the last time I’d get to do something like this,” said Jordany Zamor.

Shortly after the boys’ game ended, the girls’ football teams began their warm-ups and preparation for their game.

This year, the seniors were looking to recover from their devastating loss to the Class of 2018 seniors. They accomplished this in the end, beating the juniors 28-14 (four touchdowns to two.)

Highlights included an interception by senior Diya Flenaugh and two touchdown runs by senior Teagan Furbish.

The seniors welcomed several new players this year, including Nicole James.

“I wanted to get more involved in some school spirit activities,” said James.

Although she was nervous, powderpuff did not disappoint.

“The chemistry of our team and actually mentally getting into the game was super fun,” said James.  

Senior Sarah Kaplan, who played powderpuff as a junior last year, was enthusiastic about participating again and was ecstatic when the seniors came out on top.

“We were so happy,” said Kaplan. “Just so dang happy.”

Senior coach Jacob Thompson was proud of his team for all of their hard work.

“The girls really enjoyed learning the sport and plays, and they all gave their best in the game and practices,” said Thompson.

Sarah Dunlap, a player on the junior team, was also happy after the game despite the juniors’ loss.

“I wasn’t upset when we lost, because we had fun,” said Dunlap. “All of us participated and we all had fun playing together and cheering each other on.”