Freeze Your Brain

Maya Torres, Staff writer

In a time in which teachers have given up actually teaching their classes, in which free time is more abundant than actual knowledge in a school setting, in which the DeKalb County School District has blocked a majority of actual entertaining games on the Chromebooks, only one game can save students from sheer and utter boredom.

Papa’s Freezeria has a simple premise: serve customers their specific order of a frozen dairy treat and achieve the highest possible score. Players will learn how to balance customer orders, how to mix ice cream to the point of perfect chunkiness, and how to center the cherry perfectly on the dessert, all while observing the stunning graphics of the game.

In this seemingly basic game, there are many important skills to be learned. Sometimes, it’s impossible to make everyone perfectly happy, but one can settle for trying their best in every situation and seeing what happens. Students, instead of learning calculus and history, can learn about time management, precision, and social interaction. Overall, staring at a screen for class periods at a time can be beneficial to the developing teenage brain.

In fact, the complete apathy of teachers towards their students’ learning has been the biggest educational advance since the invention of the textbook. Who needs a teacher when Papa is here to give students all the life tools they need?

In all seriousness, Papa’s Freezeria sucks, and I miss actually learning in a school setting. Please bring back teachers who actually know how to educate students.