YouScience Assessment, An Insight Into Your Potential Career

Yammile Garcia

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For high school students, the process of finding a fitting career can be quite difficult. The school district and the Chamblee Charter High School counseling department are assessing students through the YouScience process by requiring rising juniors, to take the YouScience test.

“YouScience is a career assessment test,” said counselor Anna Holloman.  “It’s a district mandated thing, so that’s the motivation behind it. It’s also so that our sophomores start thinking about what they want to do after they graduate from high school. There’s so many careers out there and it can be difficult to choose.”

This assessment is composed of questions that will measure the students strengths and potential and aligns these factors with possible careers for them to look when applying for colleges and beyond.

“I took the YouScience assessment to see what it is like. The assessment measured aptitudes and interests to formulate an expansive list of careers that would be an overall good fit for me,” said Holloman. “The career results also have useful information such as the education you need to become qualified for the job and what specific aptitudes and skills would make you a good fit for the job.”

Although the assessment is required, it will have no effect on the students’ grades.

“It is mandatory and it won’t count as a grade,” said Holloman. “However, we’re hoping that the sophomores do take it seriously and hopefully it will be something that’s meaningful for the students.”

The participants will not receive results for the career assessment test right away.

“For this assessment, the students won’t receive their test results right after they finish it,” said Holloman. “Students are able to view their results 12 hours after taking the test. The counseling department plans to review the results as a class, and students will also have access to review their results on their own.”

The YouScience career assessment test will take place on Friday, April 12.

“We’re doing it during it first and second period. That should give the students the idea that the test is kind of lengthy. It takes a little bit of time but it’s a pretty in depth exam and it let’s the student see what their strengths are,” said Holloman. “By now all the teachers should’ve received a spreadsheet that lets students know where to go in the morning.”

If a student is not present during testing, they will still be required to to take the test.

“This is something that we are requiring and if the student doesn’t take the test on Friday we’ll have them take it another time,” said Holloman. “We’re still trying to come up with plans for making it up but we will keep the students posted on that.”

Although the assessment is quite lengthy, it is highly encouraged that students see this assessment as a beneficial activity that will make the process of choosing a career path significantly easier.

“There [are] so many careers out there, so it’s difficult to choose from and remember each and every single one,” said Holloman. “I feel like the students always hear about being a teacher or doctor but there is so many more options out there. Our sophomores will definitely benefit from this. Hopefully, after they take it they’ll feel more motivated to get out there and start getting ready for their future.”