Why Christian Borle Means So Much to Me

Maya Torres, Staff writer

I’m not going to lie here, I’ve written some pretty iconic opinion pieces this year. From my 1,000-word Legally Blonde editorial to my piece explaining why playing Papa’s Freezeria is more important than my education, I’ve done it all. Some of my pieces, I’m pretty proud of. Some — March and April op-eds, I’m looking at you — not so much.

So for my final op-ed of the year and of my high school journalism career, I’ve had some trouble deciding how to end with a bang. And how else to finish up the year than to write about the person I’m most passionate about?

Anyone who has shown up regularly to journalism this year knows that I love Christian Borle. I talk about him quite often, probably too much. But do people really know the root of my adoration for the Broadway star? Probably, but here I am to explain anyway.

When I tell people I’m in love with Christian Borle, they immediately assume it’s because of his charming looks. This is simply not the case. Sure, Borle does possess an adorable, toothy smile, steely blue eyes, and an excellent head of hair (except in late 2017 when he shaved it for his Willy Wonka wig in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Musical), but my love for him goes way beyond that. For me, Borle represents all of my hopes and dreams and the future ahead of me.

I know what you’re thinking: Maya, what in tarnation? But it’s true. Christian Borle for the past several months has been driving me to reach for the stars and to work hard to one day be living my dreams. I don’t admire Christian Borle because I one day want to marry Christian Borle, I admire Christian Borle because I one day want to be Christian Borle. (How many times can Maya fit the words Christian Borle into a sentence?) [Editors’ note: We allowed five, though question whether a parenthetical is really part of a sentence.]

I drive myself every day so that I may one day stand in his shoes: two-time Tony award winner, stunning (ex) wife, and admired by all theatre fans. Most importantly, I want people to associate me with playwright William Shakespeare, just as people associate Borle with his portrayal of the Bard in 2015 musical Something Rotten.

So it’s a little far-fetched. It may take a while for me to be nominated for four Tonys. It will probably never happen. I don’t even know if I’ll be pursuing theatre after high school. But I do know this: I want to be as successful as Christian Borle. Whether this comes in the form of two Tonys on my mantle, a Pulitzer Prize for one of my high school op-eds, or just simple happiness, I don’t mind. I just know that Christian Borle is pushing me to get there.