The 2019-2020 Crowd-Sourced Course Catalog


Photo by Ashley Veazey.

Many of the different classes Chamblee offers students are shown in this graphic.

Building your schedule is a notoriously stressful task at Chamblee; with such an extensive catalog of classes to choose from and the many different teaching approaches each one entails, it makes sense that so many students are overwhelmed when it comes time to sign up for the next year’s courses.  With this in mind, the Blue & Gold sent our staff around the school to collect information on numerous classes at Chamblee, and we compiled an official course catalog that provides an in-depth description of each one to hopefully help the next round of Chamblee students navigate.

We did not cover required courses, only ones that students actually have to choose between, so you will not find entry-level class descriptions in the catalog. For courses we covered, you can get a feel for the workload, class environment, and stress level.

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English Department

Math Department

Social Studies Department

Science Department

World Language Department

Engineering and Tech Department

English Electives Department

Physical Education Department

Visual Arts Department

Music and Theatre Department