Yellow Starbursts Are The Best

Kaylee Powell, Staff Writer

You’re probably shocked by the title of this article; who wouldn’t be? We have grown up most of our lives believing the insane rhetoric that the pink Starburst is superior to every other Starburst flavor—when that just isn’t true. Lemon Starbursts are simply all-around better, from flavor to color, and you can’t tell me otherwise. 

The best part about candy is supposed to be the joy the candy brings and the memories and feelings they portray, but with the drab pink Starburst, there isn’t much to imagine. The matte pink of the wrapper merely covers the lackluster “pink” flavor that is overly hyped. But when you look at the bright yellow wrapper, all you can think of is the bliss and satisfaction of popping that sucker in your mouth and chewing all your problems away.

When chewing on the yellow Starburst, you can envision summers at the park while drinking your favorite lemonade, or the camps over spring break where you’d try to see how many sour candies you could stick into your mouth, or even just running around in the bright yellow sun jumping for joy. The lemon flavor itself has so many connections in our childhood that we don’t often think about in such a fast-moving world. 

Another great thing about the yellow Starburst is that it doesn’t leave its mark like other Starbursts do. After eating colorful candy, there’s always a clue to the fact afterward. Whether it be a distinct smell or a prominent color. there is almost always a trail—but not with yellow. Yellow Starbursts don’t have as strong of a dye as the reds and pinks. After eating a boatload of yellow Starbursts, the only trail would be the smell, which can easily be written off as a cough drop or tea. Although the wrapper is bright, the yellow Starburst is superior for sneaking around or just popping in your mouth quickly if you want to help your breath. 

The lemon-flavored candy can be eaten day in and day out due to its tame flavor. It’s not overbearing. It doesn’t feel like a whole fruit just threw up in your mouth, but rather like you were handed a piece of lemon on a silver platter. The refreshing flavor of lemon as it hits your tongue is like no other.

On top of that, I dare you to name another Starburst flavor for which you can immediately drink water afterward without getting a weird aftertaste. You can’t do it because there is no other Starburst that has that ability. 

Overall, the lemon-flavored Starbursts are immaculate. If you disagree with me, that’s fine; that just means more for me.