Sophia Wang poses with containers from Retakout’s recent donation drive.

Retakeout: A New Take on Recycling

Hannah Choy, Reporter November 15, 2022

Many Chamblee students are actively involved in community service, participating in the many service-based organizations offered at Chamblee High School, or through independent endeavors. Sophia Wang (‘24)...

The seven types of plastics

What the Numbers on your Plastic Water Bottle Mean: Decoding Recycling

Sirianna Blanck, Editor-in-chief April 13, 2022

“It’s not uncommon to see a recycling symbol on a plastic container and think it’s OK to toss it into the recycling bin,” says Sheryl Ryan, founder of Greenopedia. “But as it turns out, there...

Women pose with the same dress

Why Shopping Ethically is the Best Way to Go

Mallory Reid, Reporter March 25, 2022

When buying clothes, or anything for that matter, most people don’t know how their purchase is affecting the environment and the people who are producing their order. Most people just think that their...

Teen activist Greta Thunberg at a protest in Alberta, Canada.

A Defense of Greta Thunberg, From a Fellow 16-Year-Old

Iris Tsouris, Editor-in-chief October 21, 2019

I first discovered Greta Thunberg because of a viral image of her, where she is pictured seated at the French Parliament with other teen climate crisis activists. Widely circulated, I am sure that the...

Environmental Awareness at Chamblee Reaches a New Peak

Environmental Awareness at Chamblee Reaches a New Peak

Stella Garrett, Editor-in-chief November 12, 2018

Recently, an environmental report was released by the U.N. stating that it is probable, without implementing “unprecedented” changes, that humans will have less than 11 years to reverse the detrimental...

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