Everyone’s Thankful but the Turkey

What Chamblee is Thankful For This Year

Emmy Williams, Staff Writer

After spending the last year in a COVID-19 induced lockdown, students, teachers, and staff at Chamblee are able to now enjoy an in-person school year and holiday season. It can be said that the Chamblee community is extra thankful this year.

“I’m thankful that we can come to in-person school this year,” said Caroline Runsick (‘25).

Many students are thankful for their support systems.

“I’m thankful for my little brother,” said Joseph Rodriguez (‘24).

“I’m thankful for my girlfriend,” said Sincere White (‘23).

“I’m thankful for my cats, my boyfriend, and my family,” said Megan Philpot (‘23).

“I’m thankful that I get to go home for Christmas and Thanksgiving and see my adult son who I don’t see often,” said Michelle Stewart, one of Chamblee’s assistant principals.

Some students are looking at the bigger picture when it comes to being thankful.

“I’m thankful for being alive and for everything that I have,” said Raisa Ahmed (‘22).

“I’m thankful for people who are willing to be kind and include others,” said Maya Shatil (‘25).

Others are thankful for a good working environment.

“I’m thankful for my job,” said Cornelius Watts (‘22).

“I’m thankful for my health, my colleagues, and the great group of students at Chamblee,” said Angelique Vachon-Conner, one of Chamblee’s assistant principals.

For some, it’s about the little things.

“I’m thankful for so much. I’m thankful for the air, good music, cute Christmas lights, puppies, coffee, chocolate, ice cream, pizza, and so much more,” said Theresa Abernathy, a Chamblee history teacher.

“I’m thankful for Taylor Swift,” said Grayson Rodemsky (‘24).

“I’m thankful for the Braves,” said Ajeet Rao (‘23).

“I’m thankful for online shopping, everything bagels, and Chick-fil-A,” said Sadie Schroeder (‘24).

“I’m thankful for Starbucks, my phone, and [the] holidays,” said Shruti Nainwal (‘24).

Another thing students are thankful for is the privileges they have.

“I’m thankful for having a main parking lot spot,” said Shrita Reddy (‘22).


Lastly, the Blue & Gold staff is thankful for so much this holiday season.


“I’m thankful for my PS5,” said Lucy Samuels (‘22).

Each other,

“I’m thankful for the people I love and myself, because it’s important to care about yourself, and all the tiny things that make people happy,” said Coco Bradford (‘23).


“I’m thankful for Mrs. Marin remembering to call me Thom in seventh period,” said Thomas Rice (‘22).

The break,

“I’m thankful for the break to take a rest,” said Toby Russell (‘23).

Our planet,

“I am thankful for all the little insects on our planet,” said Millie Gotsch (‘23).


“I am thankful for ramen and chopsticks to eat ramen,” said Luiza Douglas (‘24).

Senior years,

“I’m thankful that I got to come back to school for one last year. The pandemic sucked […] and being alone was terrible but being able to see people in-person and hang out with my friends has been such a great experience, even if half of our ‘senorities’ were taken,” said Kaylee Powell (‘22).

Ways to stay connected,

“I’m thankful for online games like Uno. My closest friends went to college and that’s the main way we connect when we’re out of town,” said Allison Lvovich (‘22).

What improves the busy school day,

“I’m thankful for my school friends who keep me motivated and sort-of look forward to school some days,” said Shea Parker (‘24).

Furry companions,

“I’m thankful for my dog,” said Sydney Leahy (‘22).

Experiences no longer stopped by COVID-19,

“I’m thankful for my friends and traveling,” said Sarah Marcus (‘24).

Weekly errands too,

“I’m thankful for my adorable dogs, my mom, and grocery shopping,” said Emmy Williams (‘24).


“I’m thankful for the amazing writers and editors of the Blue & Gold, who make me laugh and think about new topics I’ve never heard of every single day,” said Sirianna Blanck (‘22). “And for my cats, of course.”

The Blue & Gold’s resident encyclopedia,

“I am thankful for Keegan,” said Adam Pohl (‘22).

And the friends we made along the way.

“I’m thankful for the entire journalism class/family, of course,” said Ashika Srivastava (‘22).