STAR Teacher Fred Avett (61) and STAR Student Nathan Scherrer (64)

Photo courtesy of Isabella Avett

STAR Student Scherrer and STAR Teacher Avett Discuss Academics, Memorable Moments, and Underwater Monsters

Fred Avett, Adviser April 26, 2023

Earlier this year, Nathan Scherrer ('23) was named STAR (Student Teacher Achievement Recognition) Student of Chamblee High School. The title is bestowed each year by the Professional Association of Georgia...

Joseph Rodriguez performing live. Photo Courtesy of the Blue and Gold.

Chamblee Students Rock out at ChamFest

Rasesh Joshi and Matéo Hunter April 18, 2023

Chamblee High School hosted its first annual ChamFest for bands of all genres in the Chamblee area, sponsored by Tri-M. Tri-M is the school’s music honor society that promotes and supports all types...

Photo courtesy of Sarah Marcus

Chamblee’s Lady Bulldogs Basketball Team Start the Weeks off Fashionably

Sarah Marcus, Staff Writer December 5, 2022

As this year’s basketball season kicks off, the Chamblee girls' basketball team is testing out a strategy called Dress for Success Days. “Every Monday for the basketball team, we all dress up as...

Olivia Li and Rafia Islam

Chamblee’s 2022 Valedictorians

Emmy Williams, Editor in Chief May 11, 2022

“It’s really important to have good relationships with people,” said Magnet Valedictorian Olivia Li. “It doesn’t need to be a ton, but it’s important to have people around you that support...

Mural of Medusa, black and white, against a tiled wall of yellow and red

A Look at Sexual Assault at Chamblee

Kaylee Powell, Staff Writer May 2, 2022

Trigger Warning: This article discusses sexual assault [SA] and the section titled “Student Stories” discusses rapes of students. Please proceed with caution if you find topics like this triggering....

How to run in the hallways of Chamblee to get girls

Welcome to Chamblee! How to Survive Freshman Year

Shea Parker, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

“Organization is key. [...] There's definitely a higher level of rigor than in middle school and so that kind of catches [freshmen] by surprise. [...] Over time they get into a rhythm of things,” said...

Modified schedule for EOC Testing

EOC Testing Back in Full Swing

Emmy Williams, Editor in Chief April 14, 2022

End of Course [EOC] testing, the dreaded assessments have returned to Chamblee. Taken by freshmen and juniors, these tests count for 20 percent of students’ final averages. Teachers have been preparing...

Interested in the Fernbank School Program? Youve Come to the Right Place

Interested in the Fernbank School Program? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Luiza Douglas, Senior Editor April 12, 2022

“I learned that it’s actually significantly harder to get away with murders than people assume it is,” said junior Alex Miller (‘23), who studied forensics at Fernbank and is learning valuable...

A Ghost Story

The Spook-tacular Tales of Chamblee Students

Samantha Booher, Reporter March 24, 2022

At Chamblee High, students can learn about a variety of different topics, but one area that remains a mystery is whether or not ghosts are real. Students throughout the school have differing opinions that...

Custodial staff member Mr. Burton

Custodians: The Back Bone of Chamblee

Luiza Douglas, Senior Editor March 23, 2022

“We think of ourselves as hard workers, and a lot of us take pride in what we do,” said Mr. Burton, a custodian at Chamblee. Custodians often go unnoticed at schools, but their actions don't. They...

Sophomores Trinity Walls (left) and Karson Gates (right) wear yellow in support of the Black History Month color theme day at Chamblee.

Celebrating Black History Month: Student Reflections

Coco Bradford, Editor March 18, 2022

Black History Month at Chamblee has always been a celebration, and returning from COVID, the tradition has returned. During the month of February, Chamblee students come together to celebrate Black history...

Blanck (left) and Reddy (right) at the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Gold Award Ceremony at Truist Park

Scout’s Honors: Gold Awards and Eagle Scouts at Chamblee

Millie Gotsch, Staff Writer March 11, 2022

Programs out of school can be a great way to become more involved in your community, and there’s nothing better to help do that than joining Scouts or Girl Scouts. With badges to earn and service to...

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