The Truth Behind the Trailers

Mallory Reid and Sirianna Blanck

At Chamblee, only a select number of students get to have classes in the trailers, away from the school and administration. It was never a mystery as to what went on in them: the typical classroom setup with regular desks, a whiteboard, a teacher.
But maybe there was more behind that, beyond what the administration thought. One day as the admin did their annual teacher-classroom check in, the truth was revealed as to what was really going on in the trailers.
“Oh gosh, it was disturbing to say the least, I’ve never seen anything like it. I was just doing my usual classroom check in, it was my first time doing it since COVID-19 hit so I was excited to see what was going on in each class,” said Assistant Principal Keisha Beef.
Beef states that when she walked into the first trailer it was like walking into a nightmare.
“There were a dozen disco balls and horribly loud music, some Taylor Swift songs I believe. The students were on top of the desks dancing like they were at a club. I looked over at Mr. Jeremy to see him laughing and singing while standing on his desk, totally covered in blood. I was shocked,” said Beef.
Apparently, these trailer parties have been going on for months and students vowed to never say a word to the admin. You see, in order to have these class parties, the students had to take part in Jeremy’s religious ceremonies first.
“It was always just a fun little secret we all kept. We were never supposed to tell anyone unless we wanted to be kicked out of the parties. I’ll admit once we started having these trailer parties and getting away with them, they kind of just stuck,” said Valery Jones (‘24).
Jones is a sophomore at Chamblee and describes her experiences with the trailer parties and what it was like to get caught.
“Nobody was expecting Principal Beef to do her classroom check in, I mean, we would always plan the parties around them. We were all just singing and dancing until we suddenly saw Principal Beef walk into our trailer. She looked confused at first, then turned very angry very fast,” said Jones.
A junior at Chamblee also recounts her involvement in the incident.
“It was a typical day in the trailers, we were summoning a demon, but when we heard an administrator knock on the door we knew we were in big trouble,” said Bella Ray (‘23).
The students and teachers faced severe punishment after the admin found out the shenanigans had been going on for months.
“Everyone was suspended for four weeks and we each had to write a two page paper on why we were in the wrong for summoning demons and having discos and why this will never happen again. The whole thing was stupid in my opinion, I mean let us have some fun,” said Ray.
The teachers involved were ultimately fired and reported to DeKalb County Schools. Mr. Lewis Jeremy looks back at his time at Chamblee as a “learning experience.”
“All I wanted to do was introduce my students to the Great Supreme Lord. It was all fun and games until I realized the damage I had caused to their education,” said Jeremy.
Jeremy and the other teachers involved were ironically sent to the principal’s office, which would ultimately result in them all getting fired.
“I’m going to miss the trailer parties, but definitely not the weird ceremonies Mr. Jeremy made us do before them,” said Ray.