Teachers Turned Matchmakers: Seating Charts Leading to Love


Love is in the air? Students sit in seats in hopes of scoring points for the teacher.

Shea Parker, Staff Writer

As the school year drags on, the students and staff are starting to get tired and bored. To add some drama and excitement to the school year the teacher have started a competition.
“The basis of the competition is whichever teacher can have the most couples come out of their seating chart, wins a week off of work,” said Lilly Lou, the teacher who came up with the idea.
The teachers will spend the next term (nine and a half weeks) strategizing and setting up their seating charts to try and set up their students.
“When I first heard about the competition I wasn’t gonna participate because it is kinda weird and an invasion of privacy, but once I heard that the prize was a week off of work, I changed my seating charts and now I’m in it to win it,” said Mack Dissick, a science teacher.
There has sadly been some backlash from the teachers, which is weird because in hindsight their students experiencing love is a positive thing.
“I think students are too young to date, so I don’t want to set them up for a heartbreak,” said Judy Reinhard, the Assistant Principal.
On the other hand many teachers are very enthusiastic and excited about this new competition.
“I definitely have a big chance of winning because I’ve been doing this for years. I’ve always put students I think would be cute together on the seating chart together, at least now I might get a reward out of it,” said Lou.
You may be wondering, “how did someone even come up with a competition like this?”
“I actually came up with the idea while I was making my seating chart, and then I realized the students I put next to each other would be really cute together. Then I spoke to my co-workers about it and we are all romantics so we all came up with the idea of the competition,” said Lou.
Some are going to many lengths to win the competition.
Dissick said, “I’ve even browsed through some of their social media to see if they are compatible. Is that unethical?”
The teachers even have specific tactics. They are doing anything to win.
“My tactic is talking to the students. When I joke about them having a crush on someone it can reveal a lot,” said Kelly Ally. “In some of my classes it’s easy, cause students are obviously flirting with each other, but some of my other classes have no chemistry so it’s really difficult to pair them up.”
Even the students are getting excited about the competition.
“I think it’s funny, because the teachers don’t really know us that well, and now I’m surrounded by boys in all my classes,” said Mallory Marcus (‘23).
Some other students don’t have positive feedback.
“My girlfriend keeps getting mad at me for talking to girls in class, but it’s only because I’m surrounded by them now. I’m scared that this competition is going to break us up,” said Blake Grey (‘25).
People already being in relationships has actually been an obstacle in this competition to many staff and students.
“My only issue so far is that I forgot to consider the students who are already in relationships. I’m trying to break some of them up because I don’t think they are really meant for each other and they also happen to be in different class periods so it won’t count toward the competition,” said Lou.
This competition will continue so be on the lookout for new couples, because even the administration approves.
“I approved the competition because I could tell that our staff was starting to get bored. I thought the competition would help them be more enthusiastic about school and about coming to school. It is really improving the staff attendance,” exclaimed Principal Martin Childs.