The Current State of LEGO

The LEGO adult product home page

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The LEGO adult product home page

Lucy Samuels, Staff Writer

The LEGO company has been engineering and selling millions of LEGO sets since 1932 in Denmark. Now, in 2022, LEGO has partnered with around 50 companies around the world to entertain children and adults alike. A facet of the LEGO company not many people know of is their “adult” or 18+ sets, meant for a more challenging build and imposing display. Hundreds of YouTube channels exist of dedicated adults vlogging, reviewing, and analyzing LEGO sets and keeping up with the newest and hottest LEGO rumors. From child’s toys to exclusive collector items, LEGO has been indulging adults who are carrying on their child-like love for LEGO, into adulthood.

Within LEGO’s website is a tab that reads “Adults Welcome.” Identifiable by the simple black box, 18+ sets have some of the most intricate builds from every corner of pop culture. Recently, the long-awaited “Titanic” model clocks in at 9,090 pieces which will run you a cool $629.99. Even with the whopping price and a niche fanbase, the model is consistently sold out in stores, online and in-person. I don’t know much about kids and their LEGOS because they don’t write blogs and post videos about them, but adults do and they are obsessed with LEGOS.

A screenshot of my YouTube recommended videos under the “LEGO” tab (Photo courtesy of Lucy Samuels)

The whereabouts of LEGO’s financial state are absent as they do not have any public stock up for sale so it’s hard to tell the size of the brand’s profit at the moment. But considering the winding lines of grown adults outside LEGO stores, they have at least one market cornered. The new collector’s edition of Luke Skywalker landspeeder came out May 4, 2022, and it is already sold out. LEGO has also implemented a VIP system where members can buy sets early before non-VIP members, a classic marketing approach. Every time you buy a set, you rack up VIP points to also earn discounts.

Flower bouquet set (Photo courtesy of LEGO)
Fender guitar and amp set (Photo courtesy of LEGO)

More expensive sets like the “Ultimate Collector’s Editions” and the master builders sets have successfully marketed to more adults than it seems children with the regular sets.

Growing up with LEGO myself, I think it is wonderful to see such a continuous and growing adult fan base for it. Even as a young adult, the thought of taking an hour or two to sit down and build a LEGO set brings me an immense amount of joy.