Photo of Joji performing at Head In The Clouds.

Joji Blows the Charts to Smithereens

Mateo Hunter, Reporter November 17, 2022

The fall of 2022 has been a very exciting time for fans of all kinds of music. In order to put their best foot forward in competing for the title of album of the year, which is decided in February 2023, ...

Advertisement for the pre-order of Taylor Swifts new album, Midnights

Swift’s Album “Midnights” keeps Chamblee Students Up

Lauren Cisewski, Reporter November 14, 2022

Dropped silently and without prior notice, Taylor Swift’s signature remakes were a kind of artistic rebirth: with a new approach to lyrics, mixing, and theme, they earned her new fans and almost unanimous...

Steve Lacys Give You The World Tour

Steve Lacy’s ‘Give You The World’ Tour

Simran Kukreja, Reporter November 12, 2022

On October 23, 2022, Steve Lacy performed his new album at The Tabernacle for one show in Atlanta. “Gemini Rights” is his second studio album, which dropped in July of this year. The drop was preceded...

The LEGO adult product home page

The Current State of LEGO

Lucy Samuels, Staff Writer May 17, 2022

The LEGO company has been engineering and selling millions of LEGO sets since 1932 in Denmark. Now, in 2022, LEGO has partnered with around 50 companies around the world to entertain children and adults...

The cast of X

The Best A24 Horror Flick Since Midsommar: “X”

Lucy Samuels, Staff Writer May 17, 2022

Grindhouse horror films have some of the most, gruesome, gritty, and oddest, most uncomfortable movies out there. Since the genre-defying “Texas Chainsaw Massacre '' came out in 1974, the “Grindhouse”...

Meilin and friends on a poster of Turning Red

Pixar’s “Turning Red” Turns Fans “Red” with Representation

Ashika Srivastava, Editor May 16, 2022

The release of Pixar’s newest animated film “Turning Red” has taken over headlines as the movie breaks many records being the first Pixar movie directed completely by a woman (she wrote the story...

Eve and Villanelle stare into each others eyes

Killing off Killing Eve: Killing Eve’s Final Season

Lucy Samuels, Staff Writer April 29, 2022

Based on the “Killing Eve” novels by Luke Jennings, the BBC breakthrough show “Killing Eve” is coming to a timely end in its fourth and final season. The final season, and its three predecessors,...

photo courtesy of IMDb

A “Fresh” New Take on an Age Old Trope

Emmy Williams, Editor April 18, 2022

Girl meets boy. Girl and boy go out on a date. Girl and boy go back to his place. Boy makes girl drink. Girl awakens tied up in a basement. The end. Except it doesn’t end there. Warning: Upcoming...

A crowd is gathered in front of Clairo at a concert at the Varsity Theater, the stage has a sunset on the screen behind it

“Chronically Online:” The Effect of the Internet on Live Music

Lucy Samuels, Staff Writer April 10, 2022

As singer-song-writer, Clairo performs the vulnerable song, “Blouse,” a song about her experience being sexualized in the workplace, a fan inconsiderately cries out “You’re so hot!” when the...

MARINA poses with an orange for an HQ photoshoot in honor of her album Froot

My Top 3 Marina Songs and Why

Luiza Douglas, Editor April 9, 2022

From her debut album, "The Family Jewels," to her latest release, "Happy Loner," Marina has continued to release legendary albums full of the best songs. Though she hasn't won a Grammy (yet), she has won...

A still from the video game Elden Ring.

“Elden Ring” Rings Clear in the Gaming Community

Lucy Samuels, Staff Writer March 21, 2022

From the brilliant minds of Japan’s famous game developer Hidetaka Miyazaki and modern fantasy icon George R. R. Martin comes “Elden Ring.” Published by video game company BANDAI NAMCO and developed...

Is The Last Duel the Last Straw for Ridley Scott?

Is “The Last Duel” the Last Straw for Ridley Scott?

Lucy Samuels, Staff Writer February 25, 2022

Ridley Scott’s 27th movie “The Last Duel” is a thought-provoking and heart-lurching story based on a true story. Released in October of 2021, this drawn-out, two and half hour, period drama epic...

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