Chapman joins administration, referees hockey (really)


Mr. Chapman refereeing in Montreal, Canada. Submitted photo

Monserat Olivera, Staff Writer

As the school year begins for students, a new job begins for assistant principal Evan Chapman. His position gives him a variety of responsibilities at Chamblee High School.
“[My position entails] all sorts of stuff. I am over ninth graders, discipline, attendance, building maintenance, custodians, world language, special ed, and athletics,” said Chapman.
Coming to a new school can be a challenge, and, so far, has led to many busy days and responsibilities. However, this is not Chapman’s first time being an assistant principal.
“I’ve been an assistant principal before, so I’m sort-of just jumping in [to Chamblee’s culture]. [I am] learning new staff and students in the community, it’s going pretty well,” said Chapman.
In regards to his own academic history, Chapman has mainly studied in New York.
“I got my Bachelors in History from Clarkson University, which no one [has] ever probably heard of unless you’re an engineer. [Then,] I got my Masters in teaching from Plattsburgh State University, and then I went back and got my specialist degree from Plattsburgh State University in Educational Leadership,” said Chapman.
One of his significant influences throughout his life was one of his previous administrators. Chapman has credited him as one of the reasons for becoming an assistant principal.
“I had a cool principal when I was in elementary school. His name was Dr. Black and he was my elementary school principal, high school principal, and then my college professor. He was always like a military guy. He was fair and always made me a better person. That’s why I wanted to be a vice principal,” said Chapman.
According to, Chamblee’s current graduation rate is 77%. Raising that percentage has become one of the CHS administration’s most pressing goals.
“The big [goal] is graduation rate, getting everyone once they enter ninth grade, as a cohort in 9th grade, to get them through in four years,” said Chapman.
It is no secret that discipline and culture at Chamblee High School have changed because of the COVID pandemic. Additionally, the administration hopes to find different, more contemporary ways to help students get on the right track this year. Chapman has many years of experience working with students with behavioral issues.
“I have the unfortunate job of disciplining students when they violate the student code of conduct, which I do not like, but sometimes you have to do difficult things. I always try to [give punishments] with fairness and as best as I can. We’re looking at detention after school. I don’t want to say [there will be] more discipline. Of course, all that depends on student behavior. Every student is different, every situation is different,” said Chapman.
Another crucial aspect of Chapman’s life is his athletic involvement. He is not only involved with high school athletics, but also college athletics.
“This is year 30 for me refereeing ice hockey. I’m an actual ice hockey referee, and I do Kennesaw State, Georgia Tech, college games,” said Chapman.
Chapman is excited as his journey at Chamblee begins.
“I think it’s a great school,” said Chapman. “After I knew I was coming, everybody was saying ‘Wow, that’s amazing. That’s such a great school,’ and I’m not disappointed.”