Coach Jackson: A New Face in the Gym


Courtesy of the Blue and Gold

Coach Jackson stands proud

Rasesh Joshi, Reporter

As Chamblee continues to adjust to post-COVID school, a new face has appeared on the CHS coaching and PE staff. Coach Jackson, a Georgia native and experienced high school coach, plans to breathe new life into both CHS sports and teaching. Jackson is passionate about helping kids improve and grow in the gym. Sports have always been an important activity for Coach Jackson.
“I played sports my entire life. So coaching was a natural transition for me,” said Jackson. “I always wanted to give back because so many people gave back to me [and] I wanted to return it.”
However, teaching wasn’t a leap for Jackson.
“My mom was a teacher. She taught for 40 years. She taught severe profound special education. My grandma was a teacher principal,” said Jackson. “I have a lot of educators in my family. So I mean, it was natural.”
For Jackson, basketball has been a big part of his life and part of some of the best memories he has with his family.
“Basketball is my favorite sport [. . .] My mom and dad had pictures of me as a baby with a basketball in my hand. So that’s always been my favorite sport,” said Jackson.
Jackson’s educational background has led to a long career of excellence and honor as a coach so far.
“This is year number 16 for me. I was in Gwinnett County for seven years. I was at Sweetwater Middle School. And then I was at Miller Grove middle school for a few years and I was at Wadsworth magnet school the last five years,” said Jackson. “I came over here to Chamblee with Coach Terry the new basketball coach. We really came here with the hopes of turning around the boys’ basketball program.”
For students, Jackson believes that mindset is the key to success for athletics
“I mean, you never want to go into something not prepared [. . .] You have to be mentally strong to persevere,” Jackson said. “So, I just try to always advise students, ‘If playing sports and being an athlete is really what you want to do, make sure that your mind and body is 100% into it and 100% committed.’”
For Coach Jackson, making a difference and seeing his students succeed is what matters to him.
“What makes those moments my favorite is [that] I love teaching and giving back to students. I love when I’m able to be an inspiration to students,” said Jackson. “I try to be open, honest, and genuine and I think my students can always appreciate and see that. […] I just love being a teacher and being a pillar in my community.”