Chamblee’s Lady Bulldogs Basketball Team Start the Weeks off Fashionably


Photo courtesy of Sarah Marcus

Sarah Marcus, Staff Writer

As this year’s basketball season kicks off, the Chamblee girls’ basketball team is testing out a strategy called Dress for Success Days.

“Every Monday for the basketball team, we all dress up as businesswomen,” said varsity basketball player Trinity Walls (‘24).

A change in coaching staff led to this idea, as a new coach brought some new ideas with her to Chamblee. 

“We just started doing these this year because we got a new coach, and Coach Halloway came up with this idea,” said Walls. 

Some students were surprised by this new tactic because it was a change from previous years.

“I don’t know why Coach Halloway does [Dress for Success Days]. She just wants us to look nice on one day a week,” said Mackenzie Lewis (‘24).

These dress up days give the players a standout start to their week and make them very distinguishable as they walk through the halls. 

“We dress up on Mondays, at least that’s what we’re doing right now, and we have to dress up for our basketball team, and I think our coach kind of wants us to set an example for the school and be student leaders,” said Sophia Wang (‘24), another varsity teammate. 

So, the dress code for the basketball players is noticeably different from their everyday clothes.

“Every Monday, we have to wear black bottoms and a white button down shirt and flats, and then we wear our suits, whatever we have really,” said Stella Barton (‘26), 

In some cases, the players feel like changing their outfits has a positive effect.

“I think personally, [these days] make me feel really prepared for school. When I get up in the morning, I’m not just putting on sweatpants and a sweatshirt,” said Wang.

The team’s new look not only changes their mindset of school but also helps change everyone’s mindset of them.

“I think they make us look professional, which gives a good image to the basketball team,” said Walls.

Other players on the team don’t see as many benefits to changing their Monday school outfits.

“I think when we wear warm up stuff on game days, that’s helpful, but I feel like the dress for success stuff is a little unnecessary,” said Barton.

This new approach confused many students when it started, but it has become a new normal after the first few weeks. Even so, some players see no point in doing them anymore. 

“I think we all feel the same way because I feel like it’s not really giving the effect that the coaches want it to give, but it’s okay. I guess we’ll just do whatever we have to do to stay on the team,” said Barton.

Many are skeptical but continue holding out hope that the tactic may improve the team’s game.

“I haven’t really seen a difference from doing these days, we’re three and 0 though, so it could help,” said Walls.

Dress for Success days may have other, less obvious benefits to the team, even if it doesn’t improve their game.

“I haven’t really seen a difference. I mean, we laugh at each other. I guess you could say that makes our relationship stronger,” said Lewis.

This team-bonding sentiment is also shared with the Junior Varsity team.

“We all kind of relate to each other and we’re all kind of annoyed at the same time, so at least we can share that. Other than that, there’s not much [change],” said Barton.

Overall, every player has a different mood towards these days.

“Personally, I feel like it’s fun. I’m not gonna say it’s unnecessary because it makes us look good. It’s just something to do,” said Walls.

Regardless of individual opinions towards each Monday, every player must participate.

“Personally, I don’t really like doing them. But I think that if the coaches want us to, I’ll just do whatever I have to do,” said Barton

As the basketball team is the first to try out this new dress code, they are the only ones who can recommend or veto the idea to other sports teams.

“I don’t think it’s that effective so I wouldn’t bother. If [other teams] don’t have to, I wouldn’t do it,” said Barton.

Other players disagree and want every team to show up fashionable to school

“Other teams should do it because we’re doing it, and everyone should go through the struggle,” said Lewis. 

At the end of the day, whether or not a player finds this team event enjoyable just depends on the person they are.