Everyone’s Thankful But The Turkey- 2022 edition


Photo courtesy of Emmy Williams

Emmy Williams, Staff Writer

As the mornings have been getting colder and colder, the holiday season has been getting closer and closer, and now, finally, it has begun with Thanksgiving. So, in celebration of “Turkey Day,” here is what the Chamblee Blue & Gold Newspaper staff is thankful for this year.


Fred Avett: His wife


Emmy Williams: Elliott Smith, Oxford commas, and all the kinds of love

Toby Russell: Laughter

Coco Bradford: Getting to know herself better over time and understanding her own needs

Luiza Douglas: Toast… and the people in her life


Amalee McWaters: Music, her family, and her friends

Lyvia Huang: Her Airpods

Pey-Pey Pehton: Her family

Sarah Marcus: Summer and the sun

Mallory Reid: Her friends

Lauren Cisewski: The support and company of her friends, who always make her feel better

Cyrus Vesali: The prescence of Allah

Autumn Clark: Her friends who she can trust, have shown her kindness, and who she knows will be there for her in the future. She is also thankful for her boyfriend, who has shown her love and patience

Shae Cotter: Her health

Etta Potthoff: Music

Samantha Booher: Sad indie music with women holding guitars

Simran Kukreja: Her free month of Spotify Premium

Jason Cabrera: Money

Monserat Olivera: Money and her Airpods

Hannah Choy: People who love her, people she loves, the health of her and her loved ones, and dogs

Rasesh Joshi: BTS

Lila Sole: Her friends and family

Shea Parker: Friends, family, Diet Coke, and slippers

Matéo Hunter: The smell of paint at the Mercedes Benz stadium

Jonah Jacobs: Mr. Fred Avett

But most of all, we on the Blue & Gold staff are thankful for you, our readers. Enjoy your holiday break; spend it with people you love, food you love, or both. Happy Thanksgiving!