Caryline Porter: Resident Salutatorian

Caryline Porter posing for her senior portrait.
Photo courtesy of Caryline Porter.

Caryline Porter posing for her senior portrait. Photo courtesy of Caryline Porter.

Shea Parker, Staff Writer

Along with the anticipation for summer that comes with the month of April, so comes the announcement of Chamblee’s valedictorians and salutatorians. This year, Caryline Porter was awarded with the title of  resident salutatorian. She has some helpful insights for others entering into high school. First, not everything has to be about academics.

“Don’t say no to things because of schoolwork. Like don’t say no to social things just because you have school. Because you’re gonna remember your social life a lot more than you will your academics” said Caryline Porter (‘23).

Despite this, being named salutatorian makes her academics a more memorable component of high school.

“[Principal] Barnes called my mom and then my mom told me,” said Porter, “I was really surprised […] I had no idea that I was going to get it.”

Despite Porter’s own shock, the award wasn’t a surprise for some, as Porter has never gotten any grade lower than an A.

“I think it’s just because I took multiple APs and I got all A’s […] I wasn’t like ‘I’m going to be valedictorian’ or ‘I’m going to be salutatorian.’ I just got all A’s,” said Porter, “I just took two [AP’s] sophomore year, and four junior year. […] I’m doing two dual classes per semester this year.”

Outside of school work she participates in most things involved with playing her clarinet.

“Band. I do marching band. I did pit orchestra for the musical. I do DeKalb Youth Symphony [Orchestra],” said Porter.

Playing music has been the best part of her highschool experience.

“Band and the community around band [is the best], a lot of my friends are in it. It’s a good time. Join marching band!”

Her main advice to people whose goal is to achieve salutatorian is to never put too much pressure on yourself. 

“Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Make sure you’re still living a good high school life. Don’t overload yourself with APs, and just make sure you have a good relationship with your teachers. That’ll go so far.”

Currently Porter is attending University of Georgia and plans on majoring in English and Pre-Law. Porter is excited to make her own way wherever she decides to go.

“It’ll be nice to be on my own and forge my own path [and] make new friends.”