Photo of Joji performing at Head In The Clouds.

Joji Blows the Charts to Smithereens

Mateo Hunter, Reporter November 17, 2022

The fall of 2022 has been a very exciting time for fans of all kinds of music. In order to put their best foot forward in competing for the title of album of the year, which is decided in February 2023, ...

Mural of Medusa, black and white, against a tiled wall of yellow and red

A Look at Sexual Assault at Chamblee

Kaylee Powell, Staff Writer May 2, 2022

Trigger Warning: This article discusses sexual assault [SA] and the section titled “Student Stories” discusses rapes of students. Please proceed with caution if you find topics like this triggering....

How to run in the hallways of Chamblee to get girls

Welcome to Chamblee! How to Survive Freshman Year

Shea Parker, Reporter April 18, 2022

“Organization is key. [...] There's definitely a higher level of rigor than in middle school and so that kind of catches [freshmen] by surprise. [...] Over time they get into a rhythm of things,” said...

Interested in the Fernbank School Program? Youve Come to the Right Place

Interested in the Fernbank School Program? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Luiza Douglas, Editor April 12, 2022

“I learned that it’s actually significantly harder to get away with murders than people assume it is,” said junior Alex Miller (‘23), who studied forensics at Fernbank and is learning valuable...

Chamblees VEX robotics team at a competition

VEX Team to Take Over the World

Toby Russell, Editor March 28, 2022

Chamblee’s VEX Robotics program has been historically strong, sending teams to the VEX Robotics World Championships in several years past. This year, two teams will be competing in the massive competition...

A wild berry sparkling Celsius energy drink

What’s Energizing Chamblee Students?

Sarah Marcus, Reporter March 2, 2022

Every morning, Chamblee students rely on different things to wake them up. Some depend strictly on their alarm clocks, but others count on breakfast or coffee. If all of these options don’t work, students...

Picking Chamblee Students’ Brains About Brain Games

Picking Chamblee Students’ Brains About Brain Games

Sarah Marcus, Reporter February 24, 2022

It is safe to say that when Chamblee students have access to technology during class, they use it. While it seems like students may just be distracted, a number of them are playing brain games and puzzles.  “I...

African Americans Forgotten in History- Lewis Howard Latimer

African Americans Forgotten in History: Lewis Howard Latimer

Kaylee Powell, Staff Writer February 24, 2022

How many people does it take to create a light bulb? Two: one to originally make one that lasts a few days, the man you all probably know, and another to make that famous original light bulb sustainable....

Zainab Shahs parakeet outside of his cage

Chamblee Students’ Exotic and Unusual Pets

Millie Gotsch, Staff Writer February 11, 2022

“It's honestly really not that different [from having dogs and cats]. I mean, they obviously go outside more in comparison to a dog or cat, and they eat different food. But for the most part, even if...

Teachers Perspectives on Block Schedules

Teachers’ Perspectives on Block Schedules

Samantha Booher, Reporter December 9, 2021

Recently Chamblee’s staff has been surveyed to find out if block scheduling would be a benefit to the Chamblee community. Currently, Chamblee has seven class periods a day. A block schedule would reduce...

Reflections Contest Winners Reflect on their Achievements

Reflections Contest Winners Reflect on their Achievements

Sarah Marcus, Reporter December 6, 2021

Every year, the PTSA holds a reflection contest where high schoolers get to show their artistic and creative abilities. This year, the theme was “I Will Change the World By.” Many Chamblee students...

French COVID-19 and vaccine app, would America ever develop one?

Getting Carded: Vaccination Cards and Their Use (Or Lack Thereof)

Toby Russell, Editor December 6, 2021

Whether receiving Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson, Americans were sure to have received a vaccination card along with becoming immunized. The small piece of card stock shows that the cardholder...

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