Schools Out, Summer Movies are In


Collage of some movies being released summer 2023. Photo courtesy of IndieWire.

Sarah Marcus, Staff Writer

High school students spend their summer free time in many ways. When looking for activities to do with their friends, some choose to hang out inside the dim-lit walls of movie theaters. This summer, there are many new films being released, and Chamblee students are eager to see them.
“I think since we’re out of school, movies are just a way to see your friends. I feel like movies in the summer don’t even have to be good. It’s just the vibe,” said Sadie Schroeder (‘24).
Movies are a fun social activity for all ages, and they can provide refuge from summer days that are too hot or rainy.
“Movie theaters are often cold so summer is the best time to go to them,” said Megan McCloskey (‘24).
Summertime adds an extra layer of excitement for viewers as there are more opportunities for places to view these movies.
“I usually go to NCG but this summer I’m planning on going to Starlight Drive-in, which is basically where I used to go when I was little. My dad would bring his truck and we put a mattress in the back of the truck and filled the sides with blankets and stuff,” said Schroeder, “It’s really cheap. It’s like maybe $10 max and it’s really cute. There’s always a lot of people there so you [have] got to get there kind of early, but it’s just a lot more fun than going and sitting in a movie theater.”
Movies are overall just a great source of entertainment, regardless of what theater they are seen at.
“I normally go see movies at night with my friends and I like bringing in my own snacks and staying at the theater late,” said Lehrer.
Said theaters are all beginning to prepare for their summer crowds, even more so this year due to the new summer releases.
“I’m looking forward to ‘Spiderman’, ‘Barbie’, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Volume four’,” said McCloskey, “I’m also looking forward to the new ‘Indiana Jones’ movie, as well as ‘Oppenheimer’. They’re really getting hyped up.”
The new Barbie movie seems to be highly anticipated with many teens awaiting their childhood characters to be shown on the big screeen.
“I’m looking forward to ‘Barbie’. I grew up with Barbies. I love Barbie, woman empowerment, and Margot Robbie,” said Lehrer.
This movie surely has high expectations to live up to.
“I’m looking forward to seeing the new ‘Barbie’ movie but after seeing that trailer, I don’t know. I was really excited but then Ryan Gosling’s hair is like, ‘Wait,’” said Schroeder.
Another in demand movie this summer is the most recent addition to the animated “Spiderman” series.
“I don’t really like the new Spidermans (with Tom Holland) but I’ll probably watch the new one because the Spider Verse ones are good,” said Bratton Blake (‘24).
“Spiderman” is just one of the superhero movies to gain popularity for the summer. “Guardians of the Galaxy” is adding a new film to their list, along with the well-liked TV show “The Flash” being turned into a movie.
“The new Guardians of the Galaxy movie… I haven’t even seen the first or the second but once I get around to that, I’m really excited for the third,” said Schroeder, “I’m not really excited about the new Flash movie but I bet a lot of people are really excited.”
These are just a few of the movies that are coming out this summer. There are all kinds of new, interesting plots being filmed and shown on the big screens this summer.
“I haven’t been to a movie in the movie theater in a while but they’re fun,” said Bratton Blake (‘24).
Taking a trip to the theater has never seemed more enticing to teens.