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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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In Need of Some Thrift Scores? Check These Places Out

The women of the annual spring yard sale at Brookhaven Christian Church. Photo by Luiza Douglas

As a child of a thrifter, from before it was cool, I have had my fair share of experiences roaming the aisles of both local and corporate companies. Though I have probably roamed over 30 stores in my life span, recently I have resorted to my favorite four stores that I can consistently trust with my fashion needs. These stores include the Furkids thrift on Peachtree Corners, the Goodwill on Cheshire Bridge, the Goodwill on Buford Highway, and the annual spring yard sale at Brookhaven Christian Church.

A newly discovered favorite of mine is the Furkids thrift store on Peachtree Corners. Though it doesn’t seem like much with old sofas, wooden coffee tables, and dusty knick knacks being displayed once you walk in, once you make it through, you’ll be greeted by the holy glass case filled with gorgeous vintage knee high boots. And I mean authentically vintage – I have checked. Though the sizes usually span from 5-8, I still love to stare in awe at the leather and fur details they include. While I will always love this glass case, none of the shoes could ever fit me, as a size 9, therefore I love to take a quick left towards the room with the real treasures, the clothing. With only five long racks of clothes, the store carries the used clothing of my dreams. From the perfect 90’s polka dot dress to the low waisted medium washed jean shorts that I can’t go a week without wearing, this store has easily become my favorite. 

Though all thrift stores may hold hidden treasures like these, normal thrift stores have yet to have the sales that Furkids offers. My first purchases here, which consisted of seven items, totaled out to be $15 due to a 75% off sale they were holding, combined with a 50% off sale on home items. And though everyone can appreciate a good sale, purchasing from Furkids also gives many a piece of mind as the profits go straight towards local animal shelters run by Furkids. 

Overall, if you’re in the mood for dresses, shorts, and accessories, definitely check out Furkids. Plus, pay a visit to the local Japanese foodmart, Gohan Market, and get a taste of the delicious black Tonkotsu ramen and peach jellies for dessert. ‘Cause we all know thrifting makes us hungry!

Another favorite of mine would be the Goodwill on Cheshire Bridge. I can always trust it with dresses, tanks, and purses. The location of this Goodwill really makes it stand out as it neighbors the million dollar mansions of the Morningside neighborhood, which frequently cycle out their high end clothing to make room for the new seasons and, of course, to clean out their children’s closets as they start to move away helping me to score items from Ralph Lauren and Gianni Bini. By frequently visiting this store, I have also been able to talk to other lovers of the thrift who told me tales of scoring an authentic Gucci purse, and Italian leather boots. In addition to the wonderful thrifts this store holds, when you get hungry, you can drive a few short blocks over to my family’s favorite Johnny’s pizza and the International Pancake House, both historical eatery spots in Atlanta. 

As always, I save the best for last with the annual spring yard sale at Brookhaven Christian Church, set up in the front parking lot of the church neighboring Oglethorpe University. Every spring I look forward to visiting it and scoring my favorite items for cheap. Run by grandmas who just adore young people, it’s easy to score low prices of amazing vintage pieces. When I say I trust those ladies, that’s an understatement, because I have had them keep Coach purses and 90’s prom dresses on hold as I ran home to grab cash. Would I do that anywhere else? No. 

Not only are the pieces the kind of stuff you’d find on Depop for over three-times the price, they are also in great condition due to the extensive walk through the women that run the church do to filter the good items from the bad in finding what to sell. In addition, elderly women love some glassware. So, if you’re like me, you would love all the clear vases they sell for less than 75 cents. As many say, distance makes the heart grow fonder, that is the exact situation with me and this church sale as I look forward to it every year knowing I’ll spend a maximum $20 and walk away with pieces that will be in my constant wardrobe rotation till the next time the sale comes around. 

A notable mention that didn’t particularly make it to the list would be the Brookhaven/Buford Highway Goodwill. Though it’s not the most notable store due to its inconsistent finds and less than clean stores, the location sits inside a mainly blue-collar neighborhood. This allows for the perfect breeding ground for worked denim. So far, I have found over five pairs of perfect Levis jeans here with the ideal wash and bagginess for cheap. 

All-in-all, I am glad my mom was never ashamed to purchase second hand clothes because she knew she could style me under budget, starting my sustainable fashion journey early. Next time you are in need of some good clothes to up your wardrobe, just remember to check these places out and keep them on the roster, even if they are for the food stops I mentioned before.

Editors Note: The church will actually be having a yard-sale on November third and fourth, 2023!

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Luiza Douglas, Senior Editor
Luiza Douglas ('24) is a senior and the Senior Editor for the Blue & Gold. In five years, she hopes to be living in the big city (wherever it may be), or still in Mr. Avett's class. Her three favorite things are Lana Del Rey, Boston Clogs, and being vegetarian.

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