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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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Good Eats Around Chamblee: Student & Teacher Recommendations

Inside Collins Crow’s favorite restaurant, Won Kitchen. Photo courtesy of Anna Kate Flood (‘26).

You sit down at your favorite restaurant, and your waiter brings out your favorite meal. Your eyes widen, and your mouth starts watering as the hot meal is placed in front of you. People love a variety of different foods, from a complex sub sandwich to a juicy hamburger to a favorite sushi dish. There are many restaurants around Chamblee High School that can cater to your eating desires. Whether you’re in a rush and need a quick bite to eat or want a fancy dinner at a nice sit-down restaurant, there is something for you. Many Chamblee students and faculty members enjoy dining at restaurants near the school.

“My favorite restaurant around Chamblee is called Verde. It’s a Tex-Mex restaurant. My whole family really likes Verde, especially my dad and brother. I love Verde because the food is really good, and the service is great. The people there are so nice, and since my dad’s been going for so long, the people working there know him. It’s just very fun to go. It’s very chill, and the food is amazing,” said Leana Maender (‘26).

The restaurant Verde is one of Maender’s favorites because of the nature of the atmosphere as well.

“Inside the restaurant, it’s very cozy, and the lights are always dim. There is indoor seating, outdoor seating, and a covered porch. I love to eat outside and on the covered porch. Sometimes it’s too cold outside, but the porch is warm,” said Maender.

Mackenzie Cassidy (‘24) likes Taqueria del Sol, another restaurant near Chamblee; however, it hasn’t always been her favorite.

“Taqueria del Sol [is my favorite] because the service is really good, and they have amazing cheese dip. I didn’t always like [Taqueria del Sol]. When I was younger, my mom made me get the brisket, which isn’t good, but I really like the other menu items now,” said Cassidy.

After having been many times, Cassidy and her mom have some recommendations for the best meals to get at this restaurant.

“I recommend the chicken taco. They have weekly tacos, and the cheeseburger taco is one of my favorites. My mom says that their margaritas are really good. I cannot attest to this, but according to her, they’re very good,” said Cassidy.

While some enjoy the Mexican restaurants in the area, others prefer American food.

“Blue Top is my favorite restaurant around Chamblee because they have really good burgers and fries. The service was good when I went, but it was a little pricey,” said Sydney Moss (‘26).

Collins Crow (‘27) enjoys Won Kitchen because of the variety of food the restaurant offers and its quick service.

“I went to Won Kitchen once, and it was definitely one of my favorite restaurants. I just loved the food there. There were a bunch of options, and they were all good,” said Crow.

Because Won Kitchen isn’t well-known amongst Chamblee students, it often isn’t busy, which can help improve the service. 

“The service is really good, and you get your food really fast. I feel like not a lot of people know about [Won Kitchen], so the food comes out very fast,” said Crow.

Another Chamblee favorite is the Mexican restaurant Roho; many enjoy the food as well as the atmosphere there.

“I went with my family, and it was just a really fun environment. The decorations were really cute, and it was themed very well. There was music playing, and it was just a fun place to be,” said Anna Entrekin (‘26).

Another reason Entrekin likes Roho is that its food stands out from other Mexican restaurants’.

“The chicken tacos are really good, and the queso was amazing. They were really good, and it was different from what you typically get at Willie’s or Chipotle,” said Entriken.

Justin Palmer (‘25) likes Hopstix because it’s unlike other restaurants he’s been to.

“My favorite restaurant is Hopstix because the menu there is very unique. I’ve never had anything like it. They offer a burger with some yellow tomato thing, which is pretty unique. They also had french fries with this special sauce,” said Palmer.

Palmer liked the ambience of the restaurant, including the lighting, seating, and service. 

“The service there was pretty nice. Everybody is greeting you, and they keep coming to get you everything you need. There was dim lighting, and there’s also a big window, so there’s sunlight coming through,” said Palmer.

Brian Ely, a Chamblee social studies teacher, is a big fan of Henri’s Bakery & Deli for breakfast and lunch.

“Right now, I’m really into Henri’s Bakery & Deli down in Brookhaven. I’m really into it because they’ve extended their hours, and they’ve got really cool options for breakfast. And their lunch stuff is just tremendous, their sandwiches are the best, and their pastrami is top-notch. I don’t think you’re gonna find anything in Atlanta that’s better from a deli meat standpoint,” said Ely.

Another Chamblee favorite is Shoya Izakaya, recommended by James Demer, a Chamblee English teacher.

“Shoya Izakaya is a Japanese place. An Izakaya is a place that was originally made as a bar where you would go to get your sake, but then they started having snacks, like pieces of sushi or little grilled skewers. I like it because it has a lot of small plates that are really tasty. It has lots of small plates that are not typical of what we would think of in America as Japanese. I like this place because it’s casual, but the food is really good,” said Demer.

Jennifer Andriano, who’s also an English teacher at Chamblee, recommended Vintage Pizzeria.

“Vintage Pizzeria is my favorite restaurant around Chamblee. It’s informal food, and their pizza is so good. They have really great lunch specials, and their service is great too,” said Andriano.

Andriano feels that Vintage Pizzeria prices its meals well and has great service.

Andriano said, “The prices are really good, and their lunch specials have a really good deal. You can get sandwiches for under $15. Even their dinners are all under $18. Their service is always good, and they come right over. You can walk in and sit wherever you want. They come over to you right away, and they’re always checking on you, but not annoyingly so.”

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