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Battle of North DeKalb

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Battle of North DeKalb

Matthew Welsh, Staff writer

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The lights shined bright on a sea of gold Friday night, as the stands were filled with those supporting childhood cancer through Chip’s Nation at the annual “gold out” game between the Chamblee Bulldogs and Dunwoody Wildcats.

Chamblee looked to defend their home turf and snap a four-game losing streak against their bitter rivals after what some would call an underwhelming start of the season. The Bulldogs were itching to return to the win column, and to hand Dunwoody their second loss of the season.

The atmosphere inside North DeKalb Stadium was electric for the season’s first home game, and the Chamblee faithful saw their Bulldogs take an early 7-0 lead in the first quarter backed by a swift running game and a formidable defensive wall.

The Wildcats were on their heels, but as the game wore on, Dunwoody began to rack up yards, points, and momentum, scoring two unanswered touchdowns to make the score 14-7 at halftime. But the Dogs were by no means out of it, within one score of their cross-town rivals.

However, the second half saw no relief for the Bulldogs as the offense struggled to move the ball and were pinned into an early third quarter safety. Dunwoody’s attack managed to score one more touchdown in the fourth, and their defense blanked the Bulldogs throughout the entire second half.

Chamblee may have landed the first blow. But once again, Dunwoody came out on top of this mid-season classic by a score of 23-7, leaving the Bulldogs to turn their attention to their next opponents: Pickens High School.

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Matthew Welsh, Staff writer

Matthew Welsh is a senior staff writer. When he's not writing articles, he enjoys watching sports, wrestling his brother, and playing with his dog. This is his second year on the staff.

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One Response to “Battle of North DeKalb”

  1. tired of the same old... on September 5th, 2018 4:33 pm

    This certainly isn’t directed at the players – the kids played hard, and except for one dumb personal foul penalty, within themselves. And they even took Dunwoody by surprise with the option game, going up 7-0.

    What this IS about is the lack of an effective game plan. The forward pass was first used in 1906. It has grown to be an accepted part – a necessary part – of successful football. Yet by my count, Chamblee threw zero passes.

    I get it – you’re running an option, trying to be little Ga Tech. But sorry coach, you’re no Paul Johnson. Dunwoody quickly figured out the three plays you were running and kept moving players to the line of scrimmage until at one point all 11 guys were in the box. Yet somehow these magical three plays were supposed to make all the difference. Passing here and there – even an attempted pass – would have moved the defense off the line of scrimmage, giving your offensive game plan a chance to work.

    I realize Chamblee isn’t a hotbed of football and never will be confused with some metro teams. But come on – give your kids a chance to surprise a team here and there. Dunwoody was the best chance Chamblee has to win a game this year. And because of incompetent coaching, that chance was quashed in the first 12 minutes.

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