The Blue & Gold

Failed Teacher Raises Raze Faith in County Competency

Camille Crumbley, Staff writer

February 16, 2019

When DeKalb County school teachers received their paychecks January 31, the numbers did not quite add up. Earlier that week, Superintendent Dr. Steve Green told DeKalb teachers that they would be receiving raises of 2.5 percen...

Ding Dong, the Bell is Dead

Ding Dong, the Bell is Dead

February 13, 2019

Government Shutdown Affects Millions, Including Chamblee Community

Ellie Furr and Matthew Welsh

January 31, 2019

Our country’s government made history this month -- by not accomplishing anything. Beginning on December 22, 2018, the United States government went into a partial shutdown over a financial disagreement on President Don...

Chamblee Community Pitches in After Staff Member’s Apartment Fire

Maya Torres, Staff writer

January 24, 2019

After any tragic occurrence, the Chamblee Charter High School community comes together to assist those in need. Larry Hall, who has been a member of Chamblee’s custodial staff for 35 years, experienced a monumental loss after his apa...

MLK Day Service Brings Light and Hope to CCHS Participants

Catherine Cossaboom, Staff writer

January 24, 2019

On January 21, MLK Day was celebrated around the country. As Martin Luther King Jr’s hometown, Atlanta held one of the most important events, The Martin Luther King Jr. Annual Commemorative Service, at Ebenezer Baptist Church, whe...