Freshman Class Officers Join the Ranks of SGA

Freshman Class Officers Join the Ranks of SGA

Monserat Olivera, Reporter September 20, 2022

On the morning of Friday, August 26th, 2022, the freshmen of Chamblee High School voted for their class representatives. Student Government Association is a club formed for students to represent their...

A variety of campaign posters from this years student body candidates.

A Comprehensive List of All 2020 Student Government Candidates

Keegan Brooks, Editor October 12, 2020

While the majority of students cannot vote in the November 3 presidential election, all students are encouraged to vote in the upcoming election for positions in Chamblee’s Student Government Association...

Chamblees Student Government Association sign.

Class of 2023 Amps Up Freshman SGA Campaigning

Henry Diep, Staff Writer October 3, 2019

With the beginning of every new school year comes election time for student government freshman-office positions. This year, the class of 2023’s campaigns were highlighted by cereal box slogans, social...

Student Body President Jason Allen poses with one of the stashes of hot chocolate.

Sweet Surprises to Look Forward to this Finals Season

Kieran Ferguson, Staff writer December 12, 2018

Finals week is obviously a very stressful week for many students. Many students’ grades are on the line and students have to intensely study. In order to make this grueling week a little better, the...

Fresh Take on School Government: Freshmen Run for SGA Elections

Hope Williams, Staff writer September 29, 2018

Although the 2018 Congressional midterm elections are still several weeks away, another election closer to home has captured Chamblee Charter High School’s attention. On September 25th, the class of...

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