A Comprehensive List of All 2020 Student Government Candidates


Photo courtesy of @chambleesga on Instagram.

A variety of campaign posters from this year’s student body candidates.

Keegan Brooks, Staff Writer

While the majority of students cannot vote in the November 3 presidential election, all students are encouraged to vote in the upcoming election for positions in Chamblee’s Student Government Association (SGA).

Voting for all positions will take place during homeroom on October 19, 2020. All students will have the opportunity to vote in the school-wide election for student body president, vice president, and secretary, while each grade will vote in their respective grade-level elections for the three positions above.

For further reading, the Chamblee SGA Instagram account is releasing election updates, as well as additional information about the platforms of each candidate. The majority of candidates are also running their own election campaigns via Instagram.

Student Body SGA Offices

Student Body President Candidates:

Student Body Vice President Candidates:

Student Body Secretary Candidates:

Senior SGA Offices

Senior President Candidates:

Senior Vice President Candidates:

Senior Secretary Candidates:

Junior SGA Offices

Junior President Candidates:

  • Sanjeev Anand (No Instagram / Instagram Unknown)
  • Sarah Duong (Instagram)
  • Avery Madsen (Instagram)

Junior Vice President Candidates:

Junior Secretary Candidates:

  • Sammy Hubbard (Instagram)
  • Kierstan Hall (No Instagram / Instagram Unknown)
  • Michaela Pierre (Instagram)

Sophomore SGA Offices

Sophomore President Candidates:

Sophomore Vice President Candidates:

Sophomore Secretary Candidates:

  • Neathan Aresh (No Instagram / Instagram Unknown)
  • Alex Hernandez (No Instagram / Instagram Unknown)

Freshmen SGA Offices

Freshmen President Candidates:

Freshmen Vice President Candidates:

Freshmen Secretary Candidates: