Sony To Display Huge PS5 Showcase

Lucy Samuels, Staff Writer

Finally, gamers are getting a sneak peek at what Sony has been planning for upcoming video games. It was worth the wait as Sony flashes huge titles like the new God of War and Spider-Man along with a whole new Wolverine game, all exclusive to PS5. 

The new God of War is now officially “God of War: Ragnorak,” continuing the mythological adventures of Kratos and his son as they navigate Norse mythology. Fans of the series have been waiting for this ever since the groundbreaking “God of War” was released in 2018. The quick teaser showed us familiar gaming mechanics and finishers now with the refreshing addition of a bright snowy landscape, ripe for exploration. 

Insomniac released the announcement of the anticipated “Marvel’s Spider-Man Two” game with a surprising Wolverine game announcement that no one saw coming. Spider-Man was due for a sequel, but there had been little speculation of a Wolverine superhero game (Not that I’m complaining!). Insomniac made PlayStation gamers’ wishes come true by including both Peter Parker’s and Miles Morales’s Spider-Man renditions, both already having separate games. The “Spider-Man Two” trailer involved the two web crawlers of New York fighting Kraven the Hunter in tandem. The shot then panned to Venom’s head emerging from the shadows, confirming Venom as a villain in the game. Although both trailers were just animations, they have now cemented the release of “Marvel’s Spider-Man Two” in 2023 with no release date for Wolverine quite yet.