DeKalb County Announces End of Year Plans


Shay Martin, Staff Writer

In a recent announcement, DeKalb County Schools has declared the end of the school year to be May 15th, moving it up a week from the previous last day of school, May 21st. Schools will remain closed for the rest of the year and all assignments will be virtual. Teachers will no longer give assignments or instruction after the 15th, however, AP exams are still scheduled to commence the following week.

DeKalb also issued a document outlining their grading plans for the rest of the year. Students will have two grades for each class by the end of the year, the average from March 13th, the day school was cancelled indefinitely, and an updated grade with the last two months of virtual learning assignments taken into account. Whichever of the two grades is higher will be considered the final grade for that class. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors with failing grades at the end of the semester will have opportunities for remediation and credit recovery. Seniors who were not on track to graduate as of March 13th will have similar opportunities prior to the start of the 2020-2021 school year, otherwise they will be considered a retained 12th grade student at Chamblee.

At the moment, graduation for DeKalb seniors has not been cancelled and is postponed to the week of June 22nd.